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Main Course

Oshiwambo Spinach


Olupale Restaurant in the main heart of Swakopmund, offers the most delicious recipes of Oshiwambo Traditional Beverages, local and international platters etc.

Welcome to Olupale Restaurant

The management and staff of the Olupale would like to thank you for visiting our restaurant we would like to Guarantee you a friendly and well served experience, good food as well as a balanced atmosphere.

The name Olupale was named by our ancient Oshiwambo people which means a place were to received guest, and make sure that they had a a very pleasant memory in this particular place which is Olupale.

Our Vision is to be a quality food service provider of good choice.  Our Mission is to passionately provide at all times, exceptional taste and pleasurable experience.


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  • Oshiwambo ChickenN$ 180.00

    Traditional Oshiwambo chicken in a variety of sauces.

  • Oshifima/PapN$ 30.00

    Oshifima/Pap in mahangu or maize.

  • Chicken Liver N$ 25.00

    Chicken liver in a variety of sauces

  • Traditional Spinach N$ 25.00

    Traditional Spinach that is made uniquely in a special way

  • Chicken GizzardsN$ 40.00

    Nice, tasty chicken gizzards with onion.

  • Matangara/TripeN$ 50.00

    Beef/goat tripe cooked in delicious sauce.



Our food has unique flavours that will tingle your tastebuds. We really put in a lot of effort into ensuring that our food is authentically and traditionally rich in flavour. We put a truly Namibian touch to it.  

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    My meal at Olupale was really delicious. The service was splendid and the waitress served my table very well. I can't thank Olupale Traditional Restaurant enough.



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    At Olupale, we spoil you with choice of your favorite traditional cuisines….we are the hub of quality homely meals

    traditional cuisine


    Olupale Restaurant

    Choose any traditional brew of your choice
    We got it all just for you

    We have a variety of cuisines ranging from the Namibian traditional cuisine that is cooked using the homely fashion to conserve the original traditional taste and make one feel at home to modern and other cuisines.